Women and Girl/Boy child Empowerment
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Different cultural communities in Kenya have different beliefs and practices towards women, girls and or boy child. Some of these practices lack inclusivity on important matters like education, inheritance and many other social matters. In some communities, they still hold the native beliefs that a girl child is not to be educated for reasons well known to themselves while others say the boy child is not to be educated and he therefore should be a herdsman all his life to look after cattle. all these practices eventually leaves these individuals feeling sidelined and some choose to run away from their homes to look for wellwishers who can take them to school.
Others run away because of forced marriages or even forced female genital mutilations (F.G.M's).

These women therefore need psychological as well as practical help. Some of them have come together to campaign against these vices while others have their own projects that require empowerment and and or counselling. Training on hygiene too especially on menstrual hygiene on women and training on abstinence for both Women, Girl and Boychild untill they are of age different from these cultural beliefs.

Women are trained to be self sufficient, driven and bold enough to stand against these vices. Incase of those with projects, they are helped to market their products locally and international.
In this program, volunteers are free to assist women and girls with sanitary towels or any other thing they may deem fit to uplift these groups with.

This program has an additional fee of USD 100 at the start of your volunteering to cover for placement logistics and after every 3 weeks.

Duration Price

Week 1 $295
Week 2 $495
Week 3 $695
Week 4 $895
Week 5 $1095
Week 6 $1295
Week 7 $1495
Week 8 $1695
Week 9 $1895
Week 10 $2095

Anyone wishing to have their program extended will be required to communicate the same a week before so as to have it planned and pay 35 USD per day and if more than a week, program fee will be required depending on the extension duration

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