Teaching Program
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In this program volunteers are usually placed in different schools either primary or secondary where they are able to interact with children on different levels and in different activities which could include physical education populary known as P.E or even art and craft among other activities. Most schools in the rural areas do not have all the basic necessities like clean water and electricity while others are not able to afford tution fees. It's therefore important to note that some hardships may arise especially during the volunteering period but all that has been gradually managed.

Teaching Volunteer in Kenya, Africa

Whether a qualified teacher or a teacher in training or even a volunteer with a passion for education and children, you will need to be guided by the subject teacher in the very first days of your program in the respective schools because sometimes managing a large number of students in one class and making sure that none is left behind in matters concentration is another lesson.

99%of schools in Kenya use English as their learners language and therefore, this program requires that you are well trained in English language.

One sure thing is that the program is so satisfying and very memorable having had a chance to interact with children from different backgrounds and giving them your all in terms of teaching and playing with them.

This program has an additional fee of USD 100 at the start of your volunteering to cover for placement logistics and after every 3 weeks.

Duration & Price:
Week 1 $295
Week 2 $495
Week 3 $695
Week 4 $895
Week 5 $1095
Week 6 $1295
Week 7 $1495
Week 8 $1695
Week 9 $1895
Week 10 $2095

Anyone wishing to have their program extended will be required to communicate the same a week before so as to have it planned and pay 35 USD per day and if more than a week, program fee will be required depending on the extension duration

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