Special Needs Program
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In this program, we mostly deal with children with special needs either born with disabilities or born without any disability but sustained life threatening injuries which leads to their incapacitation during their childhood. Commonly referred as ABLED DIFFERENTLY as a soft language that cannot make them feel sidelined or demoralized, these children are in some instances taken to a center where they are catered for until recovery. In other instances, we have these children in various homes where we sometimes get to visit them in their respective homes.

Volunteers get to connect with these children and through a caregiver assist them to walk or perform various exercises that are aimed at making them be in a position to get to their normality with time.

It is quite a challenging and exciting exercise all the same but with an aim of making sure that humanity is well taken care, loved and accommodated, it becomes such a joy especially when you assist them and sense improvement or recovery. Sometimes these children requires special equipments that assist them either to move, hear or even see and therefore it is always encouraging if a volunteer will carry anything that can make a difference in their lives. could be a gift of a special chair or anything that they may use. Volunteers also teach them in their various capacities either to write, read and or pronounce words. Sometimes coloring with them and playing as well.

This program has an additional fee of USD 100 at the start of your volunteering to cover for placement logistics and after every 3 weeks.

Duration & Price:
Week 1 $295
Week 2 $495
Week 3 $695
Week 4 $895
Week 5 $1095
Week 6 $1295
Week 7 $1495
Week 8 $1695
Week 9 $1895
Week 10 $2095

Anyone wishing to have their program extended will be required to communicate the same a week before so as to have it planned and pay 35 USD per day and if more than a week, program fee will be required depending on the extension duration.

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