The Volunteering Experience
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Volunteering Programs

The project duration ranges from 1 week to 10 weeks. Program length varies depending on the project and it is open to start any day of the week except the weekends i.e Saturday and Sunday.

As we strive to ensure that your volunteering opportunity is as memorable as it should be, we always advice our volunteers to lower their expectations because at times due to scarcity of resources in Africa, you will for instance volunteer in a school where a class has a sitting capacity of 40-50 students unlike what you might have been used to a class of 10-15 pupils.

Also you might volunteer in a hospital and find two people sharing a bed and such things. You therefore need to lower your expectations on perfection as this is what we're fighting to address by having volunteers help the community.

Our food is delicious, clean and balanced but incase you find you have not had your favourite meal or a western meal that you're used to, could be it's not common here and therefore it all narrows down to lowering your expectations 😅

Feel free

Incase a volunteer wants to go out on a weekend, we always have a trusted coordinator to accompany them on night out weekends.

For security reasons, while going, volunteers must be accompanied by our coordinator, we do not allow volunteers to be accompanied by strangers not known to us, neither take a cab that we have not recommended. We always have a trusted driver who can always drop you over and pick you up any time when need arises.

Note: when you go out accompanied by our coordinator, it is the volunteer's responsibility to pay for the cab and to give a tip to the coordinator or the recommended accompanying person for motivation since it's out of their normal working hours. Tips range from USD 5 upwards per head.

The latest a volunteer should be out of the volunteers house on weekends should be 2359hrs.

Once in a while our volunteers may feel the craving for a totally different western dinner and wants to prepare it, they should feel free to purchase the ingredients for the menu and to make it with the help of our cook. If it is a case of a group, it has to be agreed upon within the volunteers because we cannot have one person wanting to have their own meal different from others except if they're allergic to some foods like gluten or they're vegetarians and such which should be indicated when they're making the bookings.


  1. Language - English Basic level
  2. Certificate of good conduct - Proof of zero criminal record
  3. Certification for medical and teaching programs.
  4. Must be 18years and above and if below 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What to carry

A Volunteer may carry any authorized medication like pain killers, mosquito repellants, sun burn creams of their choice, neck pillows and such.

Volunteer Fee covers only

✓A house to live during your volunteering period

✓Airport pick-up to Nairobi city and A four hours adventurous drive from Nairobi town to the volunteer house in Nanyuki in a passengers cab

✓Lay over fee in a budget hotel in Nairobi town only when applicable i.e only during inconsistent hours of airport pick-ups

✓Two meals - Breakfast and dinner.

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