Medical Program
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This program entails securing a placement for our volunteers in a medical facility be it a dispensary, health centre, district hospital or even a level five hospital.
Depending on your area of specialization, either a psychiatrist, paediatrician, obstetrician, Nutritionist and any other area of specialization, one is placed to work under supervision of a doctor in charge while performing basic care for patients. This means that you're supposed to work as a support person in the area of your medical professionalism.

Medical Volunteering Program in Kenya , Africa

The program is so satisfying because you will get to help people from diverse communities with different conditions and just by swing them improve their health status and recovering, it brings a sense of satisfaction and happiness to you and the patient. Sometimes, the medical Program will involve community outreach where volunteers with the help of community leaders will drive into the villages to bring awareness on various health related issues which could include but not limited to:- Family planning, teenage pregnancies, circumcision and many others. In such a case, the volunteer will be required to facilitate this process with a fee of 20 USD for fueling cars and prepare some padiem for the community social worker. Here, you are able to gain knowledge and know how of working with limited resources and yet get the work done.

To qualify for this program, you must have had at least a two years experience working as a nurse, doctor, paramedic or basically a satisfying experience working in the medical field. Before you are enrolled, you will be required to produce a copy of your transcript from your medical school or a practicing license, two reference letters from someone a professor or supervisor in the medical field, and your curriculum vitae.

Volunteers are free to carry some medical gifts like gloves, towels and other offers they may feel free to carry and gift to their respective centers of placement.

This program has an additional fee of USD 100 at the start of your volunteering to cover for placement logistics and after every 3 weeks.

Duration & Price:

Week 1 $295
Week 2 $495
Week 3 $695
Week 4 $895
Week 5 $1095
Week 6 $1295
Week 7 $1495
Week 8 $1695
Week 9 $1895
Week 10 $2095

Anyone wishing to have their program extended will be required to communicate the same a week before so as to have it planned and pay 35 USD per day and if more than a week, program fee will be required depending on the extension duration.

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