Environmental Conservation.
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Environmental Conservation Volunteering in Kenya,

Environmental Conservation Volunteering in Kenya, this program is one of the game changers in the volunteering programs. It is diverse in that it can be done in schools, in the community or even in government related organizations. Environmental programs are broad because they may involve trees planting, building of gabions that prevent erosion, recycling, mass cleaning of rivers or institutions like schools where volunteers have the opportunity to teach children and the community on safe ways to handle waste and such.

In some cases, volunteers have seen mass planting of trees in schools and even in conservancies and around community places like markets and community fields.

They therefore have a chance to foresee planting of trees and with their expertise in environmental management trained the community and schools on the best breed of trees and flowers or even grass to be planted in a specific place.

Where we are lucky enough to secure placements in companies, volunteers have had a chance to train staffers on recycling of waste or water to be useful in their day to day lives and also to plant trees together either for beautification and or natural shade.

Also in farms, volunteers have had a chance to train farmers on proper ways of handling waste and with the progress in this, we are looking forward to having volunteers train farmers on value addition which is part of environment management where they can use dung for production of biogas or bee wax for production of beauty products and the like.

The most satisfying part of this program is that a volunteer will have a chance to exploit their potential in Environment conservation and to bring in their innovativeness while making the nation green! A volunteer is free to carry simple working materials like hard gloves because it may involve touching rough surfaces like trees.

This program has an additional fee of USD 100 at the start of your volunteering to cover for placement logistics and after every 3 weeks.

Duration Price
Week 1 $295
Week 2 $495
Week 3 $695
Week 4 $895
Week 5 $1095
Week 6 $1295
Week 7 $1495
Week 8 $1695
Week 9 $1895
Week 10 $2095

Anyone wishing to have their program extended will be required to communicate the same a week before so as to have it planned and pay 35 USD per day and if more than a week, program fee will be required depending on the extension duration.

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