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About Salire Afrika Volunteers

About Salire Afrika Volunteers programs in Kenya Africa

Salire Afrika Volunteers is a platform established in January 2020, and is located in Nanyuki which is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Kenya.

Nanyuki,a town northwards of Nairobi,borrows its name from the Maasai community,its earliest inhabitants.

Nanyuki-(meaning 'place of red water' in the Masai language) is a town in Laikipia County of Kenya lying northwest of Mount Kenya . It is situated just north of the Equator, and at an elevation of 1,947m above sea-level, is the 14th highest town in Africa.

Indeed,it is home to Africa's 2nd highest peak at MOUNT KENYA.

The town is strategically sitting on one of the longitudinal imaginary lines, the EQUATOR!

It is served by an international airstrip managed by KAA(Kenya Airports Authority),a railroad linked to the capital Nairobi,and a good network of standard roads.

More about Salire Afrika Volunteers

As Salire is Italian for Soar, Salire Afrika gives you an opportunity to soar Afrika on the wings of charity and adventure. We aim to create opportunities for volunteers across the world who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of indigenous and local communities living in Kenya!

The volunteers' primary destination will be our volunteer houses from where they will be matched to their specific programs and placements either in teaching, youth and sports, child care, special needs, nature conservancies, medical outreach, animal welfare,women and girl/ boy child empowerment.

These placements spread across town and its outskirts

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